Volatile Trading Follows Apple And Facebook Earnings

Coming up is the Markets.com London Seminar, which will provide traders with all the necessary tools to become a professional trader. Attendees will learn successful trading strategies in today’s financial markets, with top trading experts, including Markets.com Chief Economist, Bill Hubard, frequent expert guest on Bloomberg TV. The London Seminar is designed to help traders recognize and take advantage of unfolding investment opportunities. Tailored to meet the needs of traders at every level, the event includes group workshops and personal trading sessions on everything from Forex Basics to Advanced Trading Strategies. Traders joining the seminar can look forward to a 1-on-1 VIP training session, 3 months trading signals and a limited edition training kit, exclusive to London Trading Seminar attendees. Markets.comChief Economist Bill Hubard commented, “The most exciting aspect of the London Seminar is the chance to personally meet local novice and advanced traders and use my experience to help them take advantage of the incredible volatility of the global Forex market.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/markets-com-invites-london-trading-090000819.html

The persistent fall witnessed in cotton prices last week compelled growers to hold back phutti (seed cotton) supply till such time demand and supply position improves. Therefore, slow arrival of phutti to ginneries restricted cotton supply and as a result trading volume suddenly declined though spinners and some exporters were keen to build upon their inventory. However, growers failed to check the rapidly falling cotton prices by holding back phutti supply. This was mainly because ginners were not ready to take risk by holding back their cotton stocks, particularly when world cotton scenario is not in favour of sellers. Consequently, most of the deals were quoted at lower prices and the Karachi Cotton Association (KCA) spot rates were revised downward by Rs100 etf best to trade to Rs6450 per maund. Cotton analyst Naseem Usman said that expected bumper Indian cotton crop has completely changed parameters of world cotton trade because out of the estimated production of 38.1 million bales this season around 10 million bales are going to find their way into world markets.
Source: http://dawn.com/news/1054120/slow-trading-on-cotton-market

The stock closed at $44.56 on Tuesday and gapped lower on Wednesday trading down to a week’s low at $38.32 below its 200-day SMA at $40.33. The sell rated homebuilder has a semiannual value level at $33.71 with a weekly risky level at $44.29. Standard & Pacific ($7.62) missed EPS estimates by 2 cents earning 10 cents a share in afterhours trading on Thursday. The sell rated homebuilder was on the cusp of its 200-day SMA at $8.29 on Wednesday and plunged to $7.62 below its 50-day SMA at $7.76.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/volatile-trading-follows-apple-facebook-124600274.html

That likelihood is (1) hard to know and (2) probably systematically underestimated by the people who, y’know, insider trade. Incidentally, the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines recommend a fine of $411 to $823 million, according to the plea agreement, though no one would call that a rational argument for anything. *** Right? The indictment (pages 27-28) charges CR Intrinsic with insider trading in Elan stock because SAC analyst Mathew Martoma got information from a doctor involved in the company’s drug trials and “spoke by telephone to the SAC Owner, who the next day began selling the entire $700 million position” to take advantage of the inside information. SAC/CR Intrinsic is pleading guilty to that count and admitting to the $200+ million gain there.
Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-11-04/sac-capital-settles-its-insider-trading-case-again.html


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